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engineering research and development

If you have an idea but don’t know where to start, or have started but can’t quite get it to work, or if you just need someone to help with the analysis to get it certified, RMJ Hicks can help.


o-ring seal solutions engineering

Whether you need a simple O-ring or a more complex seal stack, we can offer a suitable solution to your sealing problem.

Sheave design fabrication

Umbilicals are often seen as robust items and are susceptible to rough handling. They get dragged, scraped and dropped without a second thought, however most umbilicals are expensive and the only connection to the operation. 

Imagine using unsuitable handling equipment just because it was ‘cheap’ or was what was available at short notice, then finding out this short-term cost saving has damaged an umbilical meaning it can’t be used.

Even if the umbilical isn’t too expensive to replace, will it delay operations? Will it take up valuable assets to remove the umbilical from the drum, dispose of waste, re-terminate and test? Having to deal with all this is time consuming and expensive not to mention the stress with having to explain to senior management the cost saving initially promised now costs much more.

If you’re having problems with umbilical damage or want advice on how to prevent it, we can help. It may mean installing a sheave, a chute or bend restrictor and for moving the umbilical around, we can design a bespoke lifting clamp which will not cause damage.


If you’re looking for a simple hydraulic ram for a particular application or one to suit a more complex or demanding situation, we can help. Our hydraulic rams are usually designed in accordance with DNVGL-ST-0194 but can be designed to comply with ISO or ASME if required.

Subsea Basket fabrication design render White

All of RMJ Hicks’ subsea / transport baskets are designed with longevity in mind whilst considering weight implications. Having a lightweight basket that’s covered in dents and needs welding repairs regularly is unsightly to clients and is a headache you don’t need. 

We can design you a basket for any requirement with bespoke internal racking to suit specific tooling if needed. All our baskets
are designed in accordance with DNVGL-ST-E271.

We can also design bespoke framework to suit your equipment to aid transport/sea-fastening/storage which would also be designed in accordance with an applicable compliance standard.

Beam design fabrication

RMJ Hicks can design and supply various lifting equipment ranging from a simple lift beam which reduces the required headroom for lifting, to bespoke lifting framework designed to spread the load to certain lift points on a specific piece of equipment. 

Our lifting equipment is usually designed in accordance with DNVGL-ST-0377/0378 (successor of DNV-ST-2.22) but can be designed with other suitable standards if required.

spool piece render aberdeenshire engineer

Our Crossover Spools and Spool Pieces are designed in accordance with API 6a and NACE MR0175 (if applicable) and can be made to suit any requirements. If you need extra gasket test/monitor ports, or side entry ports direct to the bore, we can design it.


engineering design services schematics

RMJ Hicks can create 2D schematics to keep your projects organised and fully documented which can help on-site technicians carry out installations / maintenance.

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engineering design services schematics aberdeenshire

From minor updates to full drafting packages, if you have a design you are looking to get manufactured but don’t have access to drafting resources, we can do the work for you. We deliver fast turn-around drawings, drafted with most suited manufacturing techniques in mind. 


fabrication pressure testing engineering

We can arrange to have your equipment tested whether it be weld tests, load tests or hyperbaric tests. We can either carry out a test to comply with a relevant standard, or carry out the testing as per your procedures. We can also act as third party witness and take away the monotony of watching a test being carried out.



If you have a long or short-term project you need managed but are struggling to find the right person to do it, or if your company policies prevent you directly hiring temporary staff, we can help.

Fully IR35 compliant contracts will be created to suit as well as all the usual NDA’s and insurance policies. Sometimes it is hard to fill a short-term position and are forced to offer a much higher rate. Sometimes the particular role you need managing doesn’t offer a challenge, so less people apply. 

RMJ Hicks charge a fixed rate and can create a fixed quote for the full project or agree on a rolling contract with set milestones.

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